Antimonopoly practice

Antimonopoly legislation is one of the most complicated branches of legislation. The close interweaving of the economy and jurisprudence, flux in legislation and the actual boundaries of commodity markets, along with the foreclosure into the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation principle of "objectively imputation" for legal persons, dramatically increase the financial and reputational risks of the companies, the personal risks of business owners and top managers.

In such situation, competent legal support by experts who have not only working experience in the FAS Russia and many years of successful experience in arbitration practice, but based on recent scientific research and theoretical developments, is an integral part of successful private business, procurement activities of state bodies and corporations, officials.

Specialists of the Institute of Compliance can provide such support, including services in supporting clients during conducting inspections by the antimonopoly body; representation of the Client's interests in the FAS Russia during the investigation of violations of the antimonopoly legislation and/or administrative violations; representation of the Client's interests in the FAS Russia Appeal Board when appealing against the territorial bodies of the FAS Russia decisions; when challenging against antimonopoly bodies decisions in courts.

Cooperation with FAS Russia becomes in some cases an objectively necessary element of doing business, even in case of lawful behavior, including cases of negotiation of transactions with the antimonopoly authority, tariff regulation, and procurement activities (44-FL, 223-FL), and issues of the state defense order.

The protection of the property interests of bona fide market participants is also becoming up to date, in case of losses compensation from non-competitive behavior of third parties, which is carried out with the help of such new legal practice as a private antimonopoly lawsuit. Our specialists are ready to help with its preparation, justification, as well as representation on this issue in the FAS Russia (in if necessary) and in the Arbitration Court.

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