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Institute of Compliance is a company uniting seasoned professionals in law, economy, antimonopoly service (cartel), civil and criminal legislations. 

Institute’ experts have a unique practical and academic experience in their professional areas. Overall practical experience of our consultants is measured in dozens of years, quantity of academic papers and publications is exceeding hundred and financial effect for our clients (including minimization of penalty charge on cartels) is already being measured in billions.

The combination of practical experience and the latest academic developments was implemented to assist our clients to mitigate corporate financial risks and managers` personal risks from collusions on tenders, cartels and other violations of antimonopoly and criminal legislation.

One of the main aims of the Institute is to help our clients to maintain antimonopoly and anticorruption compliance systems for preventing any violations within or towards companies. (for example, making anti-competitive agreements (cartels)). Also, we help to find out cartels which were organized against your business by your suppliers or competitors.

The Institute of Compliance main spheres of activities are: antimonopoly and anticorruption compliance system development and implementation; antimonopoly practice (representation in FAS (Federal Antimonoply Service) of Russia, appeal against decisions of FAS bodies); protection in cases of cartels (other anticompetitive agreements), corporate (legal, economic, management) consulting.

Each area in the Institute is supervised by highly qualified experts with more than ten years of experience, by doctors and candidates of legal and economic, who have extensive experience at top positions in state and municipal authorities, law enforcement agencies, FAS or largest state and private corporations.

We are always open for any kind of cooperation. Our main principals are privacy, professionalism, and honesty in relationship with clients and partners.


Anastasia Orlik

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tel.: 8(495)-664-39-74,

e-mail: info@icompliance.ru

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